Bharat Electrohomeopathic Doctors Association


       Electrohomeopathy is the fifth system of medicine in India. Its medicine is very powerful because of preparation of medicine. The medicine is made by spagyric therapy. The word “Spagyric” refers to the separation, purification and recombination process during which an essence is produced. Any dangerous components are entirely eliminated during manufacture. Electrohomeopathic medicine are totally harmless, with no known side effects and do not interfere with any other treatments that the patient might be taking simultaneously.
        In Spagyric therapy three parts is prepared - Sulfur, Mercury & Salt. Sulfur is a volatile component of the plant; Mercury is the organic component of the plant & Salt is the inorganic component of the plant. Sulfur is directly effective on mine or nervous system because of volatile component; Mercury is effective on circulatory system because of organic component & Salt is effective on cellular function because of minerals or inorganic substances.

Spagyric work of Paracelsus

        Paracelsus is known as father of spagyric. In his laboratory and healing practice, Paracelsus not only studied and wrote about plants’ chemical constituents, but also he studied their energetic and subtle properties. He understood that the physical properties of healing herbs, such as immune support or relaxant effects, were manifestations through those plants of the life force of Nature. As a healer, he sought to apply those processes to plant work for the creation of medicines. In combining his knowledge from Alchemy and healing, Paracelsus created a new way of working, which he called Spagyric.

Electrohomeopathy & Count Cesare Mattei

        Mattei was an herbalist; & deep studied in plant chemistry. He also studied Paracelsus books depending on the Spagyric & plant alchemy. He divided the human body into eight groups & made eight groups of medicine from plants on spagyric method. This medicine was being very powerful to maintain the body flied & cure the diseases. This medicine did not treat the patient, but, it had healing properties. He described the health & medicine as a different view. That was known as Electrohomeopathy.

Spagyric medicine & Dr. Zimpel

        Dr. Carl Friedrich Zimpel (1801-1879) was a Homeopath, but, he believed in spagyric medicine. He made a notable contribution to this area of natural medicine and PHYLAK-Spagyric medicine is based on his method. At the age of 70 and after his key experiences with Count Cesare Mattei, Zimpel published his “Medical home treasury:, and exhaustive body of information.

        Dr. Zimpel method (preparation of spagyric medicine) is recognized in the German Pharmacopoeia in paragraphs 25 & 26.

The preparation of Electrohomeopathic medicine

  • Steam distillation of fresh plant, to separate the volatile compounds from the plants. During which the sulfur is separated.
  • After the separation of sulfur, the plant residue is subjected to fermentation.
  • Distillation after fermentation, during which, natural alcohol & organic components of the plants are collected.
  • Burning of the residue of distillation at a high temperature, to allow the recovery of minerals and trace elements (salt) of the plant.
  • The salts are dissolved in the distillate and the resulting spagyric essence undergoes a process of maturation.
  • After the maturation, it is made the Electrohomeopathic medicine.