Bharat Electrohomeopathic Doctors Association

Scope of Association

  1. To Research, Promotion & Development of Electrohomeopathy.
  2. To give the knowledge of Health education & Electrohomeopathy in People.
  3. To provide the right knowledge & Medicine of Electrohomeopathic practitioners for treating the patient.
  4. To organize a free Health camp & provide free medication in poor & rural area.
  5. To meet the Indian Government time-to-time for recognize this pathy & don’t be a trouble in Electrohomeopathic practicing of Electrohomeopathic practitioners in India.
  6. To organize a meeting time-to-time for solving the problems of Electrohomeopathic practitioners & Developing this Pathy in India.

Seminars & Meeting

Only for Doctors & Electrohomeopathic Students
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Legal Section

Government order 21 Jun 2011
Government Order 05 May 2010